Take care of your browband

pas-godt-paa-1024x1024Congratulations on your customized Innrider browband!

We know you like the sparkle and bling otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen one of our unique and handmade designer browbands.

The browbands are carved from English quality leather, and hand stitched by craftsmen. Afterwards we set the Swarovski Elements crystals on, one by one, by hand to create a truly unique piece. We use a special two-component glue special made from Swarovski, with maximum durability and flexibility.

However the crystals are delicate and combined with the wear and tear in a stable, you need to take proper care of the browband.


How to care for you Browband

Proper care is critical to maximising the performance of your Innrider browband. It is a natural product and its life is reliant on maintaining a certain level of moisture and care.

We recommend that you clean the browband with a clean damp cloth on the leather piece. Afterwards you can, carefully, apply leather balm to the leather part, but just on the backside.

Do not apply leather balm or any other cleaning product on the crystals and the glue.

If your Browband gets wet, let it dry face down overnight in room temperature to make sure all water is removed.

We do not recommend the use of oil on your browband.


Caring for your Crystals

Swarovski Crystals have a magical sparkle. However that sparkle and glimmer will begin to fade as dust settles in your beautiful Swarovski Crystal.

Use a clean dry and soft cloth to gently wipe the crystals clean, if you need to remove dust etc. from the crystals. DO NOT PUT PRESSURE on the crystals since this can lead to the crystals getting loose, a gentle touch is enough.

For more thorough cleaning you can use a dry clean soft brush like a small paint brush or a make up brush. (Try and get one with cover to keep the brush clean in-between use) Brush gently over the crystals to remove dust from between the crystals. You can also use a micro fiber cloth to gently polish the crystals.


Caring, General care

Avoid contact with harsh, abrasive materials and glass/ window cleaners

Cover your Browband or keep it in a bridle bag when not in use to stop dust from settling on it.

Handle your browband with care. Do not counter-flex a browband with crystals. The crystals may press against each other and get damaged.

As we wish you to have your unique browband as long as possible, we supply you with extra crystals and a small glue, so you have the possibility to glue on a crystal if needed.

All Innrider browbands come with a 1 year warranty* against defect or breakage under normal use and proper storage/care. In the unlikely event your carefully hand crafted browband unduly fails you will receive a repair or replacement as close to the original design as is possible. Do not let your horse vigorously rub his head on his stall door – that’s not normal use and will scratch or in extreme cases break the crystals.

The browbands are carefully made with longevity in mind but this guarantee does not cover accidental damage caused by your horse, any other animals, children, etc.

*Normal terms, conditions and care apply. Warranty does not cover products subject to conditions outside of what “normal care” is considered (ie: the browband was involved in a riding accident or the product was chewed or stepped on by your horse).