Anja Lykke Nielsen

Name: Anja Lykke Nielsen
Born: 1988
Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Sealand, Denmark

Anja is from a horse riding family and has been riding her entire life. Horse riding for Anja, is not just a sport, it’s a partnership and a way of life.

Anja has been competing in more than 1000 competitions throughout her career, with great success, some highlights are mentioned below:
-Winner of Nordic, Danish and Sealand championships
-Winner of Riders Cup multiple times
-She has also been in the European finals
-Many wins and placements in national and international competitions


Anja has been a valuable part of our Innrider team, and she is proud to promote our browbands because Innrider represents something unique for her. Her favorite browband is with brown leather and light Swarovski crystals on it, as her personal style focuses on simple designs, with attention to details.
Her word for the Innrider browbands is; “Unique”

Here is the link to see the unique browband we have designed for Anja:
Model: Stockholm